Wise Provider

Wise Provider Networks recognizes the importance of providing high quality health care at an affordable price. At Wise, these are top priorities. That is why employers ask Wise to create specialized, innovative provider networks to meet employee medical needs.

In order to better serve our clients across the country, Wise Provider Networks has expanded. Wise Provider Networks will continue under the same ownership to service its Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho Preferred Provider Network clients, but the family has grown. Wise Provider Networks is now a subsidiary company of a new parent corporation, Imagine Health, which was established in 2009.

Wise networks often support employer-sponsored primary care services. Those employees needing specialized care may choose from hospitals, qualified physicians and other providers who participate in a Wise network created expressly for the employer.

Each physician or hospital in a Wise network has been carefully selected to supplement the employer-sponsored primary care clinic with a wide range of specialized services. The goal of this unique partnership is to improve access to the highest quality health care, promptly treat illness or injury, and ensure that health issues are managed effectively and efficiently. To meet this goal, each physician is selected for their achievement in effectively complying with nationally recognized best practice guidelines. Subsequently, the physician is provided with their individual patient's compliance with best practice guidelines, allowing the physician to better determine gaps in each patients care. This important information allows the physician to raise their efficiency in delivering high quality care to the employer's population.

Wise employers offer better benefits to members who use the Wise network by reducing co-payments, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. In combination with a reduction in the employee's out-of-pocket expenses, the physicians in the employer-sponsored clinic proficiently direct members to the Wise hospital system(s) and specialized physician teams. Competition between health care providers to be a part of a Wise network produces a material reduction in the price paid for health care services.

Developing a Wise network is an effective way for an employer to increase the quality of the health care their members receive while at the same time efficiently reducing the expense for health care services. The return-on-investment for a Wise network is (1) a hard dollar savings that can be measured, and (2) a material increase in the employee's compliance with nationally recognized best practice guidelines which results in a higher quality of care.